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How to Style a Natural Wig & Make it Look WOW.

How to style a wig

Antidote Hair London Natural Wig Company.

Have you ever thought about wearing a wig? Maybe but how would you make it look Natural? You don’t need to look far to get your hands on the most stunning natural wigs on the market. You just need to know about Antidote Hair London, the gorgeous new hair brand from London based hairdressers Leanne & April. They have designed the most beautiful and wearable natural wigs for you to try.

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natural wig

As long as we can remember we’ve all yearned for sultry and chic manes like that Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé. They change their hair colour all the time. From one week to the next its a constant up and down in hair length. As soon as you cut your hair to match their new bob, the next week they’re papped with hair that skims their derrière.

It’s a wonder just how they do it.

Or is it?

This just in “It’s a WIG”!!

Yep, that’s right Kylie’s infamous blunt bob was a wig and if you didn’t already know Bey is the queen of wigs to help with her ever-changing style.

The secrets out!

“Antidote is a brand that makes natural wigs. If you’re looking to change your style, we can colour their hair or if it’s not achievable make them a wig.”

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IMG 5586

I was lucky enough to chat with Leanne and ask all your burning questions about wigs.

Where did you & April first get the idea and start the business?

I had a client one day who had jet black hair, she presented me a photo of Kim Kardashian platinum blonde. I explained to my client that this was not going to be achievable in one session of bleaching the hair and she would need multiple sessions. She replied with whilst pointing to the image – “But Kim’s done it”

To Which I replied with “No lovely, this is a wig!”

Natural Wig.

Where does the hair come from?

We have a supplier who we work with in China that we recently met at Salon international London. They have Brazilian, Russian, Chinese and Indian hair. Depending on what look we are wanting to create depends on what we order.

What do you need for wig application?

Hairband, grips, wig cap and strong hold hair spray if needed.

How do you apply them?

We recommend braiding 2 sections of your hair. Cross them over and secure with grips at the back of your head. The hair needs to be as flat and tight as possible. Apply a wig cap which we provide to keep the hair in place.

All Antidote wigs come with clips and adjustable elastic headband. You have the option to wear it without commitment without having to spray it down.

IMG 5585
IMG 5587

Can you curl or straighten them?

Yes, all Antidote wigs at the moment are 100% human hair, which can be styled like your own. We will be launching a synthetic range which you cannot use heat to it will come styled.

Will the wig last?

The wig can last up to 2 years, with good maintenance and looked as long as its well looked after.

How do you look after them?

Like your own hair. Heat protection, colour protection shampoo and conditioner. Sulphate free. The Olaplex Range we love as it’s suited for all hair types. Try not to dry the hair completely. Use a Wet Brush because this will help comb through easily. Let the wig dry naturally then smooth out and style.

Leanne & Aprils top wig tips

  • Don’t wash too often.
  • Always treat it like your own hair.
  • Wear it with confidence

Prices for our human wigs start from £400 depending on how many colours, time and work has gone into making that individual wig.

Synthetic range price from £85.

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I hope that this article was informative. I’d love to hear your thoughts or if you need any advice on a specific problem.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you wish to discuss anything further.


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