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Is Revolution Haircare Plex the affordable alternative Olaplex Treatment?

Our beauty writer Lucy Amann, tried Revolution Haircare Plex to see if it could rival the Olaplex treatment range. Here’s what happened.

Being a beauty writer and lover of haircare I have tried many products that have been hyped up in the world of hair care and beauty. When Olaplex Treatment first released their products in 2014 I was immediately tempted to buy their whole collection, however, the rather expensive price point that came with the products put me off.

It wasn’t until I saw others rave about the results of Olaplex that I decided to try the Olaplex Treatment range. I didn’t think any products could rival Olaplex, that wasn’t until I tried the Revolution Haircare Plex range.

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The Trial

To compare these products I decided to test similar products in Olaplex and Revolution for one month each to make it a fair test.

Products tested

  • Bond restore treatment
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Bond restore styling product

The Revolution Set.


Olaplex Treatment


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Olaplex Treatment Range

Olaplex Treatment No3 Hair Perfector

Let’s start with Olaplex’s most popular product, the No.3 Hair Perfector. This product claims to strengthen and repair all types of damaged hair and is supposed to be used at least once a week to see the best results. As someone who has bleached their hair multiple times this product initially appealed to me the most.

After one use I noticed that my hair felt softer and that the split ends were less visible, it definitely became a staple in my haircare routine. Whilst after prolonged use it didn’t get rid of all damage completely as I was still left with a lot of split ends and breakage; it certainly improved the overall condition and health of my hair. 

Olaplex No. 4 Shampoo & No. 5 Conditioner

Next to test are Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner. These products can be used daily or as and when needed. Like number 3, these products are supposed to repair and protect hair from everyday damage. These products also re-link broken bonds, leaving hair less damaged and healthier.

In comparison to other brands, I found that Olaplex’s shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling soft and silky on an everyday basis, my hair was left shiny, and it felt very conditioned. However, I did notice that my hair felt slightly oiler than usual which left me needing to wash it more often and at £26 a bottle this could become a problem. 

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil

The final product, Olaplex offers their No.7 as the fourth product in their set. Their No.7 Bonding Oil, is a reparative styling oil which attempts to repair damage to the hair, strengthen it and restore a healthy appearance. This oil also acts as a heat protectant which is to be used before styling. I found this product to be a great product to use before styling as it protected my hair against heat damage whilst leaving it very shiny and weightless.

However, when using this product as a nourishing oil without heat I found that the initial shine it added to my hair wore off throughout the day but this became less of an issue as its ability to protect my hair from overall damage became apparent after prolonged use. 


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Revolution Haircare Bond Plex

Bond Restore Treatment

The Bond Restore Treatment Plex 3 claims to condition and restore damaged hair, similar to the Hair Perfector. As a product that claims to repair damage from within the hair fibre, I was expecting big things. Following my first use of this product, my hair definitely looked shinier and generally healthier, with less frizz.

However, it did not reverse signs of damage as much as the Olaplex’s number 3 Hair Perfector. Nonetheless, Revolution’s product still provided amazing results in terms of improving the overall condition and appearance of my hair and with a much cheaper price point, I would say that Revolution wins the battle for number 3 in terms of value for money. 

Revolution No.4 Shampoo & No.5 Conditioner

In comparison, Revolution’s No. 4 Bond Plex Shampoo and No. 5 Bond Plex Conditioner did not leave my hair feeling oilier, although, I didn’t see quite the same benefits as I did with the Olaplex duo.  Revolution’s shampoo and conditioner are priced at £10 a bottle, considerably lower than Olaplex’s. The shampoo and conditioner pledge to gently cleanse and deeply nourish hair in order to protect and strengthen it.

Whilst my hair did feel soft after using the duo, it did not feel as silky and nourished as when I used the products from Olaplex. Furthermore, I also felt as though these products did not combat my frizz as much as those from Olaplex, which is something that is important to me when looking for a new shampoo and conditioner. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed using these products and I think that the significantly lower price point of these everyday products could persuade me to buy them over the Olaplex duo. 

Bond restore styling cream

On the other hand, Revolution’s rival product, their No.6 Bond Restore Styling Cream, is a cream that also provides colour and heat protection, whilst reducing frizz. I soon discovered that I preferred the oil rather than the cream formulation of Olaplex’s styling product as that of Revolution’s can only be used on towel-dried hair, limiting its use throughout the day.

I did see benefits to using the styling cream as I noticed that my hair appeared smoother and softer when using the cream and my hair felt more hydrated after styling. Despite this, overall I certainly favoured the multi-purpose use of Olaplex’s styling oil, and I believe that this made up for the more expensive price point. 


The Final Verdict

Overall, it is clear to see why Olaplex’s products are loved all around the world. Despite their expensive price point, their products continue to deliver results, improving not only the appearance of hair but also its health. Nonetheless, I believe that Revolution’s Haircare Plex range is a great rival and strong competitor.

Revolution’s new range provides an affordable alternative to the Olaplex Treatment range and gives you noticeable results. Whilst the products may not have impressed me quite as much as those of Olaplex, the significantly reduced price point will definitely make me continue to use these products in the future. 

Revolution was a clear winner due to the affordable price tag.

Revolution – 4/5

Olaplex 3/5

Author: Lucy Amann 

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