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Should I Shave My Face! 5 Reasons Why you should definitely be doing it!

Should I shave my face

Should I shave my face?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that your face is covered in peach fuzz and wondered should I shave my face? Well, I did and now I regularly shave my face. That’s right I shave my face and have been doing this for 16 years. I can still remember the first time I thought should I shave my face? Is this something girls do? Looking in my mirror before getting in the shower aged 17 I saw all this fluffy blonde hair peach fuzz.

I’m not a particularly hairy girl but in the light, it was really noticeable. So without a second thought, I picked up the razor and literally shaved my whole face (except for my eyebrows). After putting the razor down it suddenly dawned on me.

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Should I shave my face

What if it grows back thick, black or I end up with a full-grown beard!

Hand on heart I can confirm this did NOT happen. I’m now 34 and it’s NEVER grown back thicker and I do NOT have a full-grown beard.

Pretty sure I didn’t do it again for a few years as I discovered waxing and hair removal face creams. Sadly both left my skin feeling really irritated, red, sore and very spotty.

Threading was also another treatment I tried but I couldn’t keep up with the maintenance and the cost.

So I went back to shaving my face. I never told anyone I felt so embarrassed, not my mum, my best friend or even boyfriend at the time. Behind a locked bathroom door I just shamefully shaved away.

One day I came across a blog post about a lady who also shaved her face. She was out there proudly telling everyone about it and she wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest. Proving that isn’t a bad thing to do and there are actually some amazing benefits from shaving your face.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not standing in the bathroom next to my husband, both of us whipping up the shaving cream. Think that would be a serious mood killer and he would definitely fancy me less.

It’s a lot like the idea of Dermaplaning, I’m sure a specialist Dermaplaner would disagree. I’ve done my research and it has similar benefits and results. Except that you’re in your bathroom and not a lovely beauty salon.


  • Removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils “peach fuzz”
  • Provides deeper penetration for products
  • Removes dead skin cells (perfect exfoliator)
  • Allows makeup to go on smoother
  • Gives natural glowing skin

How to Shave your face.

  • Firstly wash your face with Hydro Boost Cleanser
  • Apply Toner to a cotton pad and smooth all over.
  • Make sure your face feels dry to touch.
  • I use men’s Razors as they have more blades which gives me less irritation.
  • Shave cheeks, upper lip, chin and jawline. Go lower if you need to. I also go around my brows to give them more of a sharpened edge.
  • Massage Ultralift Anti Ageing Day Cream into your skin.
  • You will only need to do this as and when you start to see fuzz.
  • Personally I tend to repeat this around every 3 weeks.

There’s no huge cost as for the rest of the razors in the pack I use for my underarms and legs. My skin feels radiant after I’ve shaved my face. There are no sides effects like other treatments and definitely no thick, black beard.

I also tell everyone I shave my face I don’t hideaway anymore. Proudly telling everyone because of the major skin benefits and how flawless my makeup looks after.

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