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French Beauty Secrets French Women Swear By.

French beauty secrets

Parisienne chic isn’t just a style it’s a way of life and the French beauty routines have been passed down from mother to daughter over decades. Just like their style the beauty routines are all about being minimalist and using products for multiple uses. Read on to find out all of their beauty, makeup and hair secrets that keep Parisienne women looking effortless every day. 

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French Beauty

French Beauty Skincare

French women treasure their skin its all about looking after what you were born with and making the most of it they don’t have flaws or they do but they embrace them. Beauty is all about rituals and French women make all their beauty regimes a priority and rather than a chore.

French women keep it simple when it comes to skincare products like everything else she owns is all about quality over quantity. This doesn’t mean that products have to be unattainable or expensive in fact most French women will buy their beauty products from the local Pharmacie. They also use beauty products that are natural and will include a lot of natural oils in their routine.

Hydration is key, of course, she drinks plenty of water (2 litres minimum every day) to balance out the amount of coffee and wine she drinks but also in her skincare products hydration is number 1 priority.

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How to easily do French Beauty Skin Routine.

  1. Start by cleansing your skin in Bioderma Sensible H20 Makeup remover for sensitive skin (even if you don’t have sensitive skin). This is a great product to use can be morning and evening it intensely hydrates dry skin and will remove all makeup and impurities leaving your skin feeling fresh and radiant.
  2. Tone your face with Caudalie Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner. The toner tightens pores with a blend of salicylic acid and essential oils. Perfect for combination skin. 
  3. La Roche-Posey Toleriane Sensitive Moisturiser is a fan favourite of French women the prebiotic nourishes your skin and works to repair the skin’s barrier.
  4. A face serum will add that natural Parisian glow Lumene Invisible Illumination Glow Beauty Serum does exactly that it’s rich in antioxidants delivering long-lasting hydration to give you the appearance of a youthful appearance to your skin.
  5. Use face masks regularly and pay attention to what your skin needs for example in the winter it may be drier so you would need a Moisturising face mask like Chantecaille Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask but if your skin is feeling irritated you would use Avènue Antirougeurs Calm mask.
  6. SPF a french woman knows the secret to young-looking skin is protected from the sun. A good SPF will postpone the signs of ageing and fight against those free radicals that cause damage to your skin. Ultrasun Face Anti-Ageing Lotion is one I’ve been using a lot of recently the factor 50 cream gives you complete protection from the sun. Apply a high SPF to your face neck and not forgetting hands.
French Beauty

Pro Tip – When applying products gently press them into your skin try not to rub or pull this keep the elasticity in your skin for longer. 

Pro Tip – When applying products gently press them into your skin try not to rub or pull this keep the elasticity in your skin for longer. 

Minimalist Makeup.

Walking around Paris you would properly think most of the women don’t wear makeup or if they do its only a sweep of red lip or slick of mascara but that’s the genius of French beauty. Minimalist makeup is a popular look with all French women as they prefer makeup to bring out the best versions of themselves without covering any flaws. She has perfected the no makeup, makeup look to the point you believe shes naturally glowing.

With this makeup look use cream products instead of powders so that they blend seamlessly into the skin and gives your skin a natural dewy glow.

Get the no makeup, makeup look

  • Use an eyeshadow colour that is neutral on your lid Nars Afterglow Eyeshadow palette offers a great range of neutral base tones. 
  • Use a pencil eyeliner along the upper lash line and soften the line with an eyeshadow blending brush. 
  • I recommend using an eyelash curler as this will open up your eyes then apply an eye awakening mascara such as Lancôme Hypnôse Volume-à-Porter Mascara one of the best mascaras on the market.
  • Brows should be left as natural looking as possible but if you’re like me and have 90’s overplucked brows then you can use Benefit Brow Zing to make brows look fuller and give them a bit more definition.

The makeup look can easily be adapted the main focus is to make sure that you highlight your best features. The colours and tones you use should mimic what nature intended but with a little added help. This look can easily be adapted from day to evening by adding a bold red lip, darker eyeshadow to the crease of your lid or heavier eyeliner on top and bottom.

Pro Tip- Focus on enhancing one element of your face like eyes or lips then keep the rest of the makeup look natural.

Effortless Haircare. 

Don’t take the effortless bit too literal it’s meant to look effortless but actually, French women pay a lot of attention to the condition of their hair and the style. The notorious ‘I just woke up like this’ hairstyle is a staple accessory just like her Chanel handbag she carries.

A French woman does not wash or brush her hair often so not to cause any unnecessary breakage or damage. Hair should always be nourished use Kérastase Nutritive Range is perfect for all hair types. She will also keep hair colour to a minimum opting for conditioning hair colours and the shades closest to her natural hair colour. 

For added shine, NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil can be used on both hair & body and smells divine.


The 4 signature styles of hair that I would say are French in every way are these low maintenance and easy to manage hairstyles.

  1. The Bob – Designed by the iconic French hairstylist Vidal Sassoon in the early 60s this is a haircut that has stood the test of time. Its sharp lines are elegant, chic and suit all ages and face shapes. A decent haircut will go a long way so if you are thinking about a chop and having this haircut speak to your stylist.
  2. The low bun – A quick and easy updo and a favourite of french women on the go this simple updo is easy to do on the subway or in the office. All you need is an elastic band and a few grips. Tie your hair in a low ponytail loop the hair through and on the last loop (before it gets too tight) pull the hair halfway through wrapping around the pony secure with grips to tighten.

3. Natural Waves – This is my personal fave hairstyle it doesn’t matter what length your hair is you can have this style. On dry hair section into 4 starting on the underneath using a ghd Curling Tong curl the hair and leave the ends straight, alternate each section as you go. Once all your hair is curled leave to cool then with Brush comb out the curls until they fall into a natural wave. Spray roots and mid-lengths with Davines Texture spray and rub with your fingertips to create a lived-in style look. Apply a few drops of Sachajuan Hair Serum to ends.

4. Fringe/Bangs – Mini, blunt or grown out there is a fringe to suit everyone. The most popular among french women are the blunt style fringe and that’s usually because shes cut it herself.

Pro Tip – Leave hair dry naturally as often as possible so not to cause heat damage to your hair.

There you have it the perfect French Beauty routine all the skincare, makeup and hairstyle tips you need to look effortlessly chic all day, night and the morning after.

Remember to keep everything hydrated and makeup to a minimal French Beauty is about accentuating your best features and embracing your flaws because you are unique and that’s the best beauty look of all.

All you need now is a spritz of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau De Toilette a glass of Champagne and your good to go.

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