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6 Skincare Essentials Every Beauty Routine Needs

Skincare essentials

The beauty industry is booming now more than ever with so many different cleansers, serums and masks our bathrooms are overflowing with so many products but do we really need every single one?

No! Personally I’m all about simple and quick skincare products that get the job done. I also want to get the most out of my products without having 100’s of bottles all over the bathroom.

To be honest I haven’t got the time or patience to use them every day/night I just want the basic skincare essentials. Let’s strip it back to basics and talk about the basic products you need on a daily and weekly basis.

I’m going to share 6 skincare essentials that every beauty routine needs beauty routinto get flawless-looking skin.

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Skincare essentials
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Skincare Essentials that will speed up your beauty routine.


Cleansers are the number one product for removing natural oils, debris and makeup from your skin. If like me you love a full coverage foundation then I recommend you should double cleanse this is firstly using an oil-based cleansing balm to remove makeup then use a gel/foam-based cleanser to get that super squeaky fresh clean face.

Since I started doing a daily double cleanse I have seen huge improvements in my skin it has made a huge improvement to my skin. I’ve noticed that when I wake up in the mornings now my skin hasn’t felt as oily.

It may sound like it will take longer but I’ve found it’s actually a lot quicker. I’m not spending forever taking my layers of makeup off with face wipes it’s done in less than 5 mins.

You only need to double cleanse in the evening, in the morning you can just use a gel/cream-based cleanser in the evening.


​Ok for years I never bothered with Toners as I didn’t see the point just seemed like a nice smelling bit of water you splash on your face and that’s it. Oh, how wrong was I.

Firstly I was young and stupid secondly, I hadn’t yet discovered the brand Pixie.

Pixie has changed the way I look at toners they can​ close and tighten your pores whilst giving you that youthful glow. Use Glow Tonic after cleansing, it will reduce the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin. ​

Toners are essential for oily or acne-prone skin. They will remove excess oil from the skin leaving it feeling clean and fresh. I now apply Glow Tonic Toner all over my face and neck morning and evening. Once you discover Pixie you won’t ever look back. I love this brand so much I hope you do too.


Serums have smaller molecules than a moisturiser so they penetrate deeper so apply before moisturiser. There are thousands of serums on the market, it can be extremely confusing to pick one that is best for your skin.

I love applying Vitamin C Serum in the morning & Retinol at night. Vichy Vitamin C – Boosts collagen, helps heal skin and reduces scars. Lancôme Retinol serum (also called Retinoids/Vitamin A) gives skin a natural glow and evens skin tone.

However, if you wanted one product that’s a good all-rounder and you can use day & night then it’d have to be The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid. Don’t be scared off by the word acid Hyaluronic is the key to plumping up your skin and giving you that healthy glow.

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Whether you have oily skin or super dry there is a moisturiser out there for every skin type. A good moisturiser will give you hydration, plumpness, reduce fine lines and keep the natural balance in your skin.

If you have oily skin don’t be tempted to skip this step thinking your skins oily enough you don’t need moisturiser as well because if you don’t apply moisturiser to your skin it will then produce even more oil to try to re-balance itself.

I myself have combination skin type and find the best moisturiser for my skin has been Caudalie SOS Intense Moisturising Cream it’s definitely a more luxury product but still under $50 and lasts for a good few months. You will also need a Lancôme Night Cream as this is a lot thicker and will sink into your skin overnight.

Weekly routine


Exfoliating your face will remove the dead skin cells that cause your skin to look tired and unclog your pores that dull your skin. The good news is you only need to exfoliate once a week as more than this will cause irritation of your skin and could cause breakouts.

There are 2 types of exfoliators scrub and chemical.

Scrub Exfoliator – This is your usual exfoliator it contains small particles of sugar, salt, walnut or apricot and is great for removing the top layer of dead skin cells. They can sometimes feel quite rough on your skin I like to use a gentle exfoliator such as Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliator. It feels much kinder on my skin and the zingy orange scent is a great way to really wake you up in the mornings.

Chemical Exfoliant – They might sound scary but any chemical product you buy without a prescription is perfectly fine to use on at home. A chemical exfoliant contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Chemical exfoliants are acids that react with your skin removing the built-up layers of dead cells and excess oil that can cause the skin to look tired and dull.

Nip & Fab have salicylic acid or glycolic acid easy to use wipes that you simply sweep over your face at night and you’re done.

Not sure which one to use?

Salicylic acid – Is recommended for acne prone skin.

Glycolic acid – Is for mature skin (this is the one I go for).

Face Mask

A face mask can really make a difference to your skin we might never be able to find the time but I highly recommend soaking in the bath for 20mins with a sheet mask on Eve Lom Brightening Sheet Masks are my favourite. Not only will it make you feel better it will also boost hydration, remove excess oils and improve the appearance of pores.

There you have it the skincare essentials for your beauty routine that will keep your skin looking fresh, hydrated and glowing every day.

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I hope that this article was informative. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you wish to discuss anything further.


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