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Get the Minimalist Makeup Look

Makeup has become a relevant part of building up confidence and spreading a unique flavour of beauty around the world. It has recreated an optimistic faith, vigorous energy, and miraculous vitality in the spirit of each individual. When it comes to minimalist makeup it´s all about enhancing your natural beauty and highlighting your best features. You don´t need to completely cover your face in thick heavy makeup.

Self-love and self-acceptance have been learning and developing throughout, encouraging each one of us to spread our charisma with no fear. The positive and satisfying results have encouraged us to design a solution for all types of skins, giving a feeling of brightness and clarity to each individual´s look.

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Minimalist makeup – Photo by Karolina Grabowska

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Introduction to the Minimalist Makeup look

There are a variety of products personalised for each skin type; the frequent use of makeup can cause difficulty for the skin to breathe at its best. This can lead to further skin problems, as well as cause changes in the quality of the skin.

The first and most vital step is to clean & beautify your skin, removing any dirt or contact with the environment that might cause damage to your skin. A clear and moisturised face will help get the right base, glorifying any further touch up to your complexion. If the base is not in a good and healthy condition, the makeup on its own cannot roll out the best of its magic.

It might seem difficult to get back to basics, especially if you are used to using a bountiful amount of make-up most of your time. Nevertheless, you can achieve this if you wish to start appreciating your naturality and helping your skin look good and feel great.

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The Benefits of a Minimalist Makeup look

  • Keeping makeup to a minimum in your everyday routine will help your skin stay relaxed and enjoy the comfort of its nature. Adding extra attention on special occasions can make it more exciting, as well as different looks to enhance.
  • A quick and good look to get ready during busy mornings, in need of some the minimum time and attention to get the minimal makeup on the spot.
  • An opportunity to feel great with your beauty. Getting to know your skin in its natural tone, and cherishing the beauty of each perfection and imperfection is essential for self-love.
  • A minimalist look will help you give time to areas of your skin that require more consideration, providing any special care and treatment if needed.

Sometimes less is more

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A Quick and Simple Minimalist Makeup Look.

Face: BB creams encourage a simple life and honest style. Most BB creams contain SPF, protecting and hydrating your skin. A natural, yet beautiful look can be obtained with a hint of BB Cream. Garnier Skinactive BB cream is a great product worth a try.

Concealer: A great hand to cover any imperfection and dark circles, granting a luminous and blooming look to the skin. Ensure to use a clean brush or sponge, gently spreading the required amount around the delicacy of your skin. e.l.f 16hr Camo Concealer is a fantastic product with a long-lasting effect.


Eyeliner: Some people adore outlining the whole eye and, some just love to cover one of the parts. It is entirely up to you. There is a wide collection of beautiful colours to ensure you are partnered up with your outfit and look. NYX Dual Ended Eyeliner will give you a stunning look for the whole day.

Mascara: An inspiration to your eyeliner, spotlighting your eyes and grabbing the attention of the vogue world. Waterproof mascara will avoid the mascara from running at any point of the day, preserving the harmony of your look. NYX On The Rise Liftscara Mascara is consistent and brilliant for a gala touch.

Lips: Fenty beauty Pro Kiss’r Lip Balm. A creamy moisture-lock lip balm with a plush doe-foot applicator that smooths softens and preps your pout for instantly luscious, kiss-worthy lips that last. The lip balm is super creamy, lightweight, and glides over lips to lock in moisture for the most luscious, kiss-worthy lips you’ve ever experienced.

Author: Monica Lachu

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