5 Simple Ways To Create A Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe.

Minimalist capsule wardrobe

How To Create Your Very Own Personalised Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe.

There was a time in my life when I would always buy a new item of clothing for any reason. If I was going out with friends on the weekend I’d buy a new dress, if I was having a bad day I’d treat myself to a new top to cheer myself up, holidays and weekends away I would buy a caseful of all new clothes and workwear I’d buy new items weekly.

Buying all these clothes you’d think that I had an endless amount of outfits to wear. Sadly I would stand in front of my overflowing wardrobe every day and moan “I have nothing to wear”! 


In the past, I would always buy clothes without any thought as to what I would wear it with. Cheap clothing shops and fast-fashion made it easy for us to constantly buy new. Thankfully now the times are changing and sustainable, eco-friendly fashion is not only better for the environment but makes us think twice about spending money on needless amounts of clothes.

Fast forward to today and my whole shopping habits have drastically changed. My wardrobe is a lot smaller but suddenly I have so many outfits to choose from and that’s thanks to my minimalist capsule wardrobe.

Now if you have stood in front of your overflowing wardrobe and said those fateful words “I have nothing to wear” then keep reading as I’m going to show you the way forward and how you too can create a simple and stylish minimalist capsule wardrobe. 

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Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe?

The idea of a capsule wardrobe is a term coined by Susie Faux in the ’70s who was the owner of London boutique called ‘Wardrobe’. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential items or basics that never go out of fashion and will easily mix and match to create different looks.

A capsule wardrobe can be anything from 20 – 30+ (numbers can range between seasons) items of clothing that you can mix together to create different outfit looks. This doesn’t include lingerie, accessories or shoes.

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How to create your Minimalist capsule wardrobe.

Look for inspiration.

That’s right I want you to flick through those magazines, scroll through Instagram and Pin to your Pinterest boards. Start looking at styles that you love or you want your style to be. You will find you’re drawn to the same sort of styles. These may be classic, structured, floral, feminine or casual wear.

The more pictures you find the better as it will give you a much clearer view of what you like. 


Colour Pallettes. 

To create a minimalist capsule wardrobe you will need a base/main colour, complementary colour and an accent colour. It all depends on personal preference but I always start with black, white, camel and navy for my base colour.

Add personality and interest with your complimentary and accent colours, for example, to brighten up a simple black dress you could add a bold red clutch and matching lipstick. You could even wear different tones of camel from head to tow creating a monochromatic look.

Celeb Outfit Examples.

Jeanne Damas – The It girl of French style. Jeanne loves her floral skirt so much she opted for 2 different ways to wear it. See how the red lip gives her that je ne sais quoi by using it as an accent colour.

Jeanne Damas

Oliva Palmero – The American style icon wears her black blazer with a dress for one occasion and a maxi skirt for another. Although all in black, she accessorizes both with different pieces to create interest. 

Olivia Palmero


Sabina Socol – One of our favourite French style influencers Sabina Socol does have a thing for a good pair of jeans. As you can see the jeans are the same in both pics but the outfits are different. 


Your Wardrobe.

Now’s the time to be ruthless open your wardrobe and create 3 piles Love, Basic, Sell/Charity. 

Love – Your love pile should be items that you wear all the time, they fit perfectly will never go out of style and have been well looked after (if it’s damaged and can’t be repaired it will have to go).

Basic – This pile should be items that are exactly that basic. A simple white t-shirt, button shirt, a long-sleeved navy top or pair of black jeans. These will be your bread and butter when putting an outfit together.

Sell/Charity – This pile should be filled with all the items that you never wear, the ones that fit poorly or just make you feel bad when you try them on.

I once bought a designer top just because it was on sale but every time I put it on I felt horrible. I would try it on then put it straight back on the hanger for another few months until I did the same again! Eventually it went to charity.

Wardrobe tip – When organising your wardrobe put clothes on a hanger with the hanger facing the wrong way. Once you’ve worn the item put it back on the hanger the right way. After a year see which items are still on the wrong facing hangers. You will be able to clearly see which items you don’t wear often.

Shopping for your needs. 

Creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean you can never shop again! It means that when you do shop you will be thinking more about what you want or if you really need it. Once you have sorted your wardrobe with the piles you may feel you’re missing a key element such as that classic white t-shirt or you had one but it was grey and holey so you need a new one. Go out and buy it!!

Shopping tips.

  • Only buy what you need and always make sure that they will mix well with other items in your wardrobe. 
  • Think about fabrics, quality fabrics will last longer and also look better. Linens will keep you cool in the Summer whereas wool will keep you warm and cosy in the Winter.
  • Check out the sales but always remember to ask yourself “do I need it?”, “Would I buy it if, it wasn’t in the sale?”
  • Another good question to ask yourself when shopping is “does it make me feel good”?
  • Think about what you would wear the item with. If you can easily think of a few items that you could wear it with then it’s a winner, but if you can only think of one item it’s probably not worth buying.

Item Suggestions

To make life easier here is a list of the 6 essential items I can’t live without. These pieces work well together or can be mixed with other items in your wardrobe.

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