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3 Simple Ways to Create the Perfect DIY Home Spa.

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Are you in need of a bit of pampering? Would you like to find out how you can create a luxurious spa at home? YES !! Well, look no further as I’ve come up with the complete DIY Home Spa. Everything you need to get the full spa experience and amazing results all from the comfort of your own home.

Let’s start by setting the ambience for your home spa. To replicate the spa we need that spa smell or aroma and by using essential oils you can create this with candles, burners or diffusers.

You can use the dressing gown and towel you already have at home or you could treat yourself to a new luxury white robe to get the full home spa experience. They can be really inexpensive and we can even pretend we are locked away in a hotel for a few hours.

You could also get some cute little extras for the ultimate pamper session. Rose petals, headband, bath caddy to hold your glass of wine and some spa lights. I absolutely love these for my pamper night.

Now lock the door put on some relaxing music and turn your phone to silent.

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DIY Home Spa
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Use a gentle cleansing cream to remove any makeup. Splash over some warm water and apply facial exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells.

Rinse with warm water and pat dry, use a face mask brush and apply the mask and cooling eye mask (you could also use slices of cucumber) then sit back with your glass of wine and relax for 30mins.

Once the mask has been rinsed off apply face oil all over massaging with a rose quartz roller. Not only does this feel like an amazing face massage it also has some fantastic benefits like reducing wrinkles and will banish dark circles!


To give your hair that salon treatment I would start with a deep cleansing shampoo. This will help remove any build-up that you may have on your hair. Then we need to use a moisturising shampoo, most of us suffer from dry, dehydrated hair so this is perfect to help solve that problem.

Next, we need a scalp exfoliator, yes your scalp needs exfoliating too especially if you suffer from having a dry scalp. Then we can apply a deep conditioning mask allover combing through with a wet brush to ease through any tangles. Wet a towel with warm water and wrap around for 15mins. Rinse and blow-dry as desired.

If your hair is coloured or damaged then I’d highly recommend using Olaplex 3.

DIY home spa


Mani – To begin with place hands in the hand mask glove allow the serum to sink in for 30mins. Remove hands and massage in the serum, do not rinse. Allow 15mins before a manicure.

File nails and apply cuticle remover gel direct to the cuticle and leave for 1 minute, using an orange stick gently push back cuticles and buff nails. When all your nails are complete rinse with water.

You can paint your nails with your favourite colour polish, I’m loving all the neutral colours at the minute nudes, pinks and greys.

Apply base coat, 2 layer colour and topcoat or you can now get the gel nail polish kit to use at home.

Pedicure – Place your feet in a foot spa and add some Epsom salts, sit with your book for 20-25mins.

Once the foot spa has softened the skin pat dry and use a pedicure roller to remove the dry skin. File the nails and apply cuticle oil leave for a few minutes then with an orange stick gently push back cuticles. Massage in foot cream and leave to dry.

Apply nail varnish or the gel nail polish and you’re all done. I always match my fingers and toes as it always makes me feel more finished.

DIY Home Spa

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