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Introducing the NEW Untamed Hairdryer.

Untamed Hairdryer Review

Untamed Hairdryer Review

When it comes to purchasing a hairdryer I always want to get one that’s powerful, controls frizz and affordable. It’s a long list of very important features and that you usually have to compromise when buying a new hairdryer.

Until now (insert drumroll please!).

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Untamed Hairdyer – 69.99

Untamed is the new “skincare for hair” hairdryer. It is now leading the industry in Hairdryer technology. I was lucky enough to try out and share my thoughts, feelings and blowdry results with you.

Untamed has been in the electrical world for many years. Working with big brands such as Andrew Collinge, Carmen Girl and Nicky Clarke. The brains behind Untamed decided it was time to bring out something different that nobody had seen before.

The hairdryer has a genius nozzle that incorporates Argan Oil into your hair drying. It disperses the Argan Oil into your hair. You can dry, style and hydrate your hair all in one and at an affordable price.

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What’s in the box

  • 200W Hairdryer
  • Nozzle for Argan oil
  • Narrow Nozzle
  • Wide Nozzle
  • 3 –  5ml bottles of Argan Oil

So what was it actually like using it?

The dryer is really good I was unsure at first as I’ve always used professional hairdryers but I was pleasantly surprised.

It comes with instructions on how to attach the Argan Oil nozzle. My hair is naturally wavy and frizzy so it was really going to put the dryer through its paces.

The Untamed dryer did exactly what it says it does. Drying my hair quickly and calming down the frizz. It gave my hair the feeling that I’d just had a treatment mask put my hair.

My hair felt so much smoother and the long cable helped. It was a lot easier to style and kept the volume at my roots.

The only downside to this dryer is that it’s heavier than most. It took a bit of getting used to other than that I loved it.

It’s Everything you want from a hairdryer especially if you have thick, frizzy hair. It will half your drying time and for such an amazing and affordable price its a no brainer !!

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Key Features

  • Ceramic Grill – Distributes an even temperature.
  • Ionic Technology – Knocks out-static & frizz
  • 200W Power – Drys hair fast
  • Cold Shot – Smoothes out the cuticle
  • AC Motor – Will last 3x longer than your average dryer
  • 3m Cable –  Salon length 

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I hope that this article was informative. I’d love to hear your thoughts or if you need any advice on a specific problem.


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