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Super Cute Summer Nail Trends 2022

If you are looking for some nail inspiration this summer, your search ends here. Summer is upon us and with that comes the need for a complete makeover. But one of the easiest changes that you should look into making is your nails. Be it the ones of your fingers or your toes, a set of manicured nails will never fail to complete your look. With summer lurking around the corner, it is time to elevate your nail game with these summer nail trends 2022. 

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Summer Nail Trends 2022

If you don’t intend on getting too adventurous with your nails, the easiest way to ensure they are summer-ready is by opting for lighter shades. While winter nail trends are more inclined toward moody shades of grey and blue, the summer it’s all about opting for bright colours that pop. 

Whether you wish to apply a plain coat of bright yellow or try a more eye-catching pattern, the most important thing is to pick colours that scream summer. With that being said, let’s take a look at some patterns you can show your nail technician at your next appointment. 

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1. Animal Prints 

The thing about animal print nails is that they never go out of style; all you need to know is what shape is more suited to the season. This summer, round nails with animal prints are getting increasingly popular. We do suggest trying the different patterns out first (cow, leopard or little doggie paw prints) before finalising it. 

Why not go for simple leopard prints on a nude nail to test the waters. It is ideal for the summer as it is eye-catching and light as well.

Once you are absolutely sure of this animal-themed pattern, something a little more eccentric can be attempted. If you aren’t planning to head to the nail store, why not look into some animal print press on’s or even better, nail tape. Plus, since it is a constant trend, you can carry it on during the winter too.

Summer nail Trends 2022
Summer nail Trends 2022

2. Swirls 

If you used to like your nails looking like a marble kitchen counter, these are the next best trend to follow. The marble type design has been around in the market for years so think of swirls as a cleaner upgrade that looks crisp and can essentially be done on any background. Whether you prefer a nude background or something that pops, swirls will make your nails stand out even more. 

One of the best things about this trend is that it is easy to do this at home as well. All you need are the right kind of nail brushes and then, you can let your imagination run wild. Make sure to use a top coat after swirling the colours on your nails for the perfect finish. 

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Summer Nail Trends

3. Tropical Ombres

Nothing screams summer like tropical colours. But with the wide variety of colours available, choosing just one can be quite the task. This is why getting an ombre of two complementing shades is highly recommended; it’s a bonus if you wish to have different colours on every nail. 

We love how easy it is to make your nails look summer-ready when tropical colours are added into the mix. With or without the nail art, it gives your hands (or even your feet) a fresh new look. While these are a bit difficult to do all by yourself at home, the easiest way to get a tropical in would be to use nail stickers on a light colour base of your choice.

Orange pink and purple ombre nails
Summer Nail Trends

4. Colours That Pop 

As we mentioned earlier, eye-catching colours will never fail to add a pop of colour to your look. How you choose to add that neon twist to your nail, is entirely up to you. You may want to paint every nail in the same shade or add some art to it or maybe, even consider the swirl pattern. 

The key to choosing the right neon colour is by making sure it stands out against your skin. It is the ideal trend for people who have been looking to experiment with colours. Stop sticking to the same old bright pink that does not contrast your skin, why not different shades of blue instead.

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Summer Nail Trends

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5. French Tips With A Twist 

A classic french manicure never goes out of style however, there are many ways you can up the french tip game now. One of the most popular french tip styles, especially during the winter, has been the alternative french where the tip is black or any dark shade instead of the traditional white. Take that trend, and look into pastel colours for the summer instead. 

An interesting thing about experimenting with french tips is the number of options available. You can go for a thin tip (which is ideal for the summer) or a thick tip in a neon shade. Either way, this different take on a classic will make heads turn this summer. 

Looking to create this look from the comfort of your home? Take a look at this nail stamper which makes the job much easier.

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6. Multi-Coloured Beauty 

The days of solo colours are long gone now that wearing different shades on every nail has become a trend. It is not just wearing any colour, but mostly using shades from the same colour palette in a particular pattern. 

We love a medium-sized coffin nail shape when opting for this sort of multi-coloured pattern. Not only does the colour make the hands stand out, but the shape makes it more noticeable. These are quite easy to do at home since all you need is multiple nail polishes from a similar colour palette. 

Nails inspo
Summer Nail Trends

7. The Little Detail

If you are the kind of person who opts for large embellishments or elaborate nail art, this is the exact opposite of that but definitely worth trying this summer. What makes it even better is that these looks can easily be achieved at home with the right brushes and the right stickers.

The idea is to have a neutral base, you can keep it natural, white or even pink, and then add stickers on more or more nails. Make sure the stickers are small like little hearts, flowers, or anything that signifies summers to you (clouds can be a big hit too!). 

These sheets of summer based nail stickers are the ideal place to start. And again, don’t forget to add a top coat as that will ensure the stickers stay in place. 

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Summer Nail Trends

8. For The Girly-Girls 

Shades of pink are always a hit during the summer, especially when it’s glossy and even more so with nail art. For all the barbie loving girls out there, plain pink is not all that you have. Mix it up with another colour as an ombre or maybe add some jewels. If you are feeling like taking it up a notch, try a metallic pink or add some glitter. 

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Summer Nail Trends

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