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6 Steps to Get the perfect DIY Mani at Home.

Nails Getting nailed

There is nothing more glamorous than a full set of fresh nails. Get the Perfect DIY Mani at home with my step by step guide. I rarely get the time to go to a salon. Thankfully that’s not a problem anymore here’s my guide to the perfect DIY Mani at home.

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DIY Manicure

The Perfect DIY Mani

1. Ensure your nails are free from any previous nail varnish, gel polish or acrylic. Use acetone-free polish remover to remove any oils from the nail bed.

2. Remove the nails from the back and lay them out in order of application.

3. Using nail clippers cut down your nail. Gently push back your cuticle with an orange stick and buff the surface of your nails to create a slight roughness (this makes the false nail adhere better).

4. Give your nails a final cleanse with the alcohol wipe provided.

5. Add a drop of glue to the false nail and apply to your natural nail. Hold for 10-20 seconds ensuring there are no air bubbles. Repeat

6. Once all of the nails have been applied you can sit back and enjoy!

Nails Getting nailed

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