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How to start a successful beauty business.

Beauty business course

Have you ever thought about changing your career and doing something you love? Well now’s your chance. Thanks to the Beauty Career Swap you can now learn how to start your own beauty business from the comfort of your own home.

I’m so excited to announce that I have been asked by the lovely people at Beauty Career Swap to become an ambassador for their beauty school.

They teach their students all the necessities to run a makeup and nail business with their online beauty course to help get your beauty business up and running. No matter where you are in the world.

Keep reading to find out how you can get 75% off The Beauty Bundle course price. 

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Beauty Business Course

I’m passionate about learning new skills to better yourself and I believe that anyone can change their direction in life if they want to, I know I did.

I loved doing hair but makeup and writing were my true passions. I took a course and learnt how to be a Freelance Makeup Artist, then put myself through Conde Nast College to learn more about fashion journalism.

Both courses helped me gain the knowledge and confidence to follow my dream and be able to work in London doing what I love most.

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Beauty Business – what you need to know.

Have you ever wanted to learn new skills from home? Beauty Careers Swap offers an in-depth, online Beauty Pro training programme. 40 hours of Makeup and Nail Technician theory, CPD Accredited. Complete your training at home and gain 2 Diplomas and access to our CV workshop recruitment service that will assist you in finding a job with your new skillset.

Not only will they supply you with in-depth training in Makeup and Nail tech, but you will also receive an introduction to Business and Marketing, both essential areas you need to be confident in if you want to make it in the beauty industry.

The course has CPD accredited Beauty Pro course is available for you to complete entirely from your own home, at your own pace and around your current commitments. 

You will have access to over 40 hours of in-depth material covering Makeup and Nails.

Upon completion, you’ll not only receive 2 Diplomas but access to beauty careers swap CV Workshop, which will help you start your search for a new role in the beauty industry!

You will also learn what it takes to start, run and market a successful business.

The lessons are simple and easy to learn and there are videos you can watch too.

MUA image

The Beauty Bundle

The course provides you with all you need to kickstart a long and successful career in the beauty industry. The Beauty Bundle Course you will learn:

  • The essential skills and theory required to start practising Makeup and Nails.
  • How to create a business plan and set realistic goals.
  • How to create your own successful beauty brand and market yourself online.
  • Fundamental business knowledge including insurance, tax, accounts.

If you’re looking to build your own beauty empire, work full or part-time, earn some extra cash or gain employment in the beauty industry our programme will help you achieve your dreams! Get your makeup brushes ready and nail files ready and your life-changing journey and become a #BeautyBoss

The Beauty Bundle is normally £799 but I’m giving it away at the exclusive price of –

£199 that’s a huge 75% off. 

Makeup image

The Beauty Bundle Course in full

Makeup Artist – What you will learn

  • Current makeup trends in the media 
  • History of makeup and how it has evolved  
  • How to present yourself as a makeup artist
  • What your role as a makeup artist will include day-to-day
  • Skin and how to help solve your client’s skin problems 
  • Makeup brushes, what to use them for and how to take care of them
  • Selecting the appropriate foundation for your clients and how to apply it properly
  • The types of corrective makeup and how to apply them correctly
  • Daytime and nighttime makeup looks
  • How to apply eyeliner according to eyes shape
  • Eyebrow grooming and shaping
  • How to apply false eyelashes
  • Contour and blush according to face shape
  • Choosing the correct shade of lipstick for your client and how to apply it
  • Match your client’s makeup to complement their hairstyle
  • Skincare routine and how to make skin look radiant 
  • The seasonal makeup trends 
Makeup Course - brushes

Nail Tech Course – What you will Learn

  • All the types of nail technologies and what they’re used for 
  • Types of skin layers and how to treat them 
  • The science of the human hands and nails that you need to know as a nail technician 
  • Keeping your work area and equipment clean
  • How to offer a high standard of customer service to your clients 
  • All the steps and utensils you need to provide high-quality manicures and pedicures
  • High standard acrylic manicures from start to finish 
  • Hand and arm massages as part of your service 
  • Why gel nails are so popular and how to do them perfectly
  • Produce the highest quality nail art 
Nail Tech Course

Beauty Business Management – What you will learn 

  • Start your own beauty business
  • The skills you need to run and grow a successful business
  • Set business goals and how to achieve them 
  • Manage your businesses finances, returns, tax, insurance, budgeting and tactical investment 
  • The business laws you need to know
  • How to manage your staff
  • Identifying potential risks to your business
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing & social media.

  • Increase brand recognition through social media marketing 
  • Using social media to boost website SEO 
  • How to decrease marketing costs with the use of social media marketing 
  • Ensuring customer experience and satisfaction through social media marketing
  • The role that Instagram marketing plays 
  • The formula for Instagram success 
  • Defining business goals 
  • Setting marketing objectives 
  • Create a content strategy 
  • How to define your target audience on Instagram 
  • Instagram marketing challenges 
  • How to take advantage of Instagram tools

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If you’ve been dreaming about starting your own beauty business then I couldn’t think of a better time than right now to start. If you want to be your own Boss Lady and focus on something new do it, I promise you won’t regret it.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m always happy to help.


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