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6 Basic Makeup Tools for Beginners.

makeup tools

A simple guide for which makeup tools you need.

How many times do you scroll through Instagram and look at all those gorgeous girls with flawless makeup and wonder how on earth do they get it to look so perfect?

Well here’s a little secret they start with the absolute basic makeup tools and you can too.

There are so many makeup tools and makeup gadgets out there, that are meant to make our lives easier but where do we even begin? Don’t worry I totally get it it can be a minefield out there with so many to choose from and don’t get me started on the long list of makeup brushes your suppose to own! [you only actually need 6 keep reading to find out exactly which ones].

Fear, not I’m going to break it down so you know the only basic makeup tools that you will need for stunning looking makeup every time.

Let’s start with the essentials, the few tools that you 100% need in your makeup kit that will make your life a lot easier. You only need these basic makeup tools and I guarantee they will help your makeup go on easier and look flawless all day.

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Basic makeup tools

6 Basic Makeup Tools For Beginners.

1. Makeup Sponge:

For years I would always apply my foundation with a brush. I tried a ‘dry’ sponge once and thought nope sorry not for me. Then I was told to DAMPEN the sponge and omg my world changed forever.

If you’ve never used a makeup sponge before then start now. It really is a game-changer for getting that absolutely WOW looking skin. I have huge pores and I’ve found this is the only tool that will give me complete coverage of them.

How to use it

After you’ve applied your primer dot your foundation all over your face. Wet the sponge with some warm water and squeeze out the excess. Dab the damp sponge all over your face to blend the foundation not to forget your jawline and into your neck.

Add concealer under your eyes and to any blemishes you may have. Using the sponge to gently blend it in. Once this is done dip the same sponge into some loose powder and press over your nose, cheeks, undereye, chin and forehead area.

Not only is this a time saver but it will help to minimise those pores and soak up any oiliness. Sweep away any excess with a large makeup brush.

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2. Brushes:

I mentioned brushes so I will talk about brushes! How much time do you have? As I said earlier there is literally a brush for every tiny little part of your face. I know exactly what your thinking do I really need all of them to get perfect makeup? 


My time as a makeup artist and hairstylist you are given a selection of brushes to choose from but guess what we always stick with our favourites! You only need 6 brushes to do your makeup.

Powder Brush Large This is a soft bristle brush perfect for loose powder application.

Contour brush My absolute favourite brush of all time. The angle of these bristles makes contouring cream or powder so much easier to do and I also like to use it to apply my highlighter.

Concealer Brush Small flat rounded brush. If like me you have dark under-eye circles or the odd hormonal breakout now and then this brush will give you more coverage when you need it most.

Eyeshadow Brush Smaller flat rounded brush for precise application. This brush is used for your eyeshadow colour on your eyelid or under the lash line.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush Tapered fluffy brush this is the one that will give you that perfect smoky eye. You can easily blend harsh lines with this soft fluffy brush.

Pro-Tip: hold the brush towards the end and using a “windscreen wiper” motion to get a professional blend and don’t forget to smoke out under your bottom lashline.

Dual Brow Brush For ultimate brow envy the dual-ended brush makes it easy to give the shape and definition of your brows. The spoolie tames and controls your brows while the angled brush makes it easy to define your brows when applying brow powder.

Pro Tip – You can also use the angled end to apply your gel eyeliner for the perfect feline flick.

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3. Eyelash Curler:

The most underrated makeup tool ever! I’m betting you already have one hiding at the bottom of your makeup drawer. Eyelash curler can make a huge difference to your lashes they open up your eyes so much and literally takes seconds.

All you need to do is simply hold the lash curler at the root of your lashes apply a bit of pressure and hold for 10 secs repeat on both lashes for extra curl. Make sure you do this before applying mascara or eyeliner as I’ve made that mistake before and it gets pretty messy!

After you’ve done both lashes twice apply a volume mascara for an instant lash lift

Pro-Tip – Voluminsing Mascara is the best mascara to use for a stronger hold of the curl.

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4. Tweezers:

A decent pair of tweezers like Tweezerman can be a godsend for attacking those super annoying little strays. Never underestimate the power of a good pair of tweezers. I recommend keeping them in your makeup bag all the time you never know when you may need to attack a random stray hair.

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5. Pencil Sharpener:

Whether it’s a black eyeliner or red lipliner you want to keep those edges looking sharp and on point. The best tool for that is a pencil sharpener (not so surprisingly). Don’t use a standard pencil sharpener as this will limit the longevity of your pencils.

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6. Muslin Cloth:

Now you have all the essentials to apply your makeup I wanted to also share the best way take it off and that is by using Muslin Cloth. It’s the most eco-friendly way to remove all your makeup in one quick and easy sweep.

How to use it –

Splash your face with some warm water and apply a cleansing balm. Massage gently in circular motions then use the muslin cloth to remove everything. If you have a lot of makeup on you wear a full coverage foundation I recommend a double cleanse [for more on how to double cleanse click here].

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